On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to go to a wine tasting at Oakdale, which is a premier event venue and soon to be vineyard in Ashland, VA.

Chris Stem, the proprietor, opened the venue several years ago and started working with Harlow Ridge Wines of Ashland to bottle several varieties of wine. His wines highlight grapes from Virginia, California, and France. Come spring Chris will be planting vines and growing his own grapes. The vineyards name: The Vines at Oakdale.

When I arrived at Oakdale I was provided with two wine corks to use for tastings. I chose to try the Red Blend and the French Rosé while I enjoyed the Red Blend, the French Rosé was my favorite. This wine was made using five different red and dark-skinned grape varieties…Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Rolle which gave this wine a refreshing taste with a burst of flavor. The profile of this varietal blend has hints of raspberry, cherry, peach, citrus, and mineral core, which according to the wine write-up “adds tremendous length on the palate”. To me the wine was perfect, dry with a clean finish.

Currently the list of wines available through The Vines at Oakdale are Zinfandel, French Rosé, Virginia Pinot Gri, and Virginia Red Blend. The wines are available for purchase through Oakdale at oakdalerva.com/vines-at-oakdale. The French Rosé is priced at $15 per bottle.

There was a fun little bonus to the wine tasting…a pizza truck. FiftyOne Pizza is run out of a 1951 Ford truck. They featured a number of pizzas, but my favorite had to be Alice in Wonderland, a mushroom, goat cheese, and hot honey pizza. I would definitely consider using them for an event for all to enjoy. Check them out at fiftyonepizza.com.

Hope you enjoy…cheers!