Do you ever find yourself scrolling through your IG feed and one of the posts grabs your attention? Clearly, one grabbed my attention: Avaline /ah-vah-leene/ Wines. The perfect choice for this week’s Friday Cheers wine pick.

Founded by Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power, Avaline Wines are clean and organically grown. The goal of this duo was to create wines that are “free from unwanted and undisclosed extras.” As they say on their website, “We knew the contents of everything that went onto and into our bodies – why not wine?” I think they have a point!

The Avaline label includes 12 different varietals and blends of wine made by six producers with vineyards in Spain, France, and the United States. Each is like-minded and dedicated to using sustainable practices to include relying on nature to grow healthy fruit.

Of the 12 types, I chose to try the White first. The White comes from the Penedes region of Spain and was absolutely delightful. Crisp and refreshing, with hints of citrus and pear. I found it to be an exceptional glass of dry wine that finished clean. It’s truly a fine wine that is delicate in taste and can be enjoyed either sitting on your back porch or as a complement to a nice meal. Avaline has become a repeat purchase, which says it all.

Avaline wines are available for purchase on their website as well as through online vendors such as and Many grocery and wine/liquor stores now carry these particular wines. The cost varies as to where you are purchasing the wine.

Hope you enjoy…cheers!