Pesto – 3 ways

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While I love the fall season, there's something sad about the end of my summer garden. There is a lot to be said about opening your back door and stepping out into your garden to pick fresh vegetables and herbs. I love that feeling of growing, harvesting, and eating from my garden. When I think of a garden my [...]

Caribbean Tomato Pasta

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Okay… so it’s HOT outside. The dog days of summer are here! And with temperatures soaring and the humidity stifling it’s the right time to take a break from cooking or at least make a dish requiring little to no cooking… sounds pretty great, am I right?! I stumbled on this gem in a Southern Living Magazine back in [...]

Getting Saucy in the Kitchen!

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Okay... so I know it's not the season for fresh homegrown tomatoes, but I can't help myself.  I just had to share this, as it is hands down one of the best sauce recipes I have made! It's easy and despite being a few months from growing season, grocery stores are full of so many different varieties of tomatoes [...]

Varenyky (Pierogies)

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One of my favorite foods growing up is a Ukrainian dish called Varenyky – you may know them as Pierogies. I am sure you have seen these doughy wonders sold in the frozen food section of your grocery store, but like anything else homemade is always better. I remember as a little girl watching my mother make this traditional food. [...]

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Tomato Sauce Made Simple!

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Have you ever heard of the expression less is more? Well it applies to food as well. The tomato sauce I have been making for years is beyond simple. But it certainly is delightful. Add pasta, meatballs (if you like), a wonderful side salad, a nice bottle of wine and voila…you have a delicious dinner! Not only is it divine, [...]

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