This week’s Friday Cheers wine pick is Ronan, a lovely 2020 Bordeaux Blanc, by Clinet.

This French wine, which is also referred to as White Bordeaux is unbelievably fresh tasting. It is made from a blend of two grapes, Sauvignon and Semillon, and comes from the Bordeaux region of France. According to Wine Folly, an educational wine blog, “White Bordeaux only makes up about 7% of wines sold from the region, the rest is red.”

Ronan by Clinet is an easy to drink wine. It is a fresh, fruit-forward, and delicately spiced wine that can be consumed immediately or aged for several years. The wine hints of citrus, grapefruit, white flowers, and passion fruit and it is these aromas that give the wine a big flavor. The light golden colored wine pairs well with fish, chicken, veal, and cheese.

It is best to serve this wine chilled. Serving your Bordeaux Blanc wine at 55 – 60 degrees Fahrenheit adds a lot to the tasting experience. This wine was recommended to me by the wine specialist at Wegmans.

The wine is available through Wegmans for $12 a bottle. carries the wine, but are currently out of stock.

Hope you enjoy…cheers!