Wine is personal… and what may taste good to one person doesn’t always taste good to another. Our palates are all at a different place. However, when pairing wine with food all you need to remember is light with light and rich with rich. With that being said, pair chicken and fish with white wines. Meat and cheese with reds. Pretty simple! (However, rules can be broken! Be adventurous…)

Many times I have gone into a wine store not knowing what to buy, but a quick chat with the store’s wine expert and my wine purchase becomes 10 times easier. Usually their recommendation is spot on! But then friends can also be a great source of recommendations, especially friends who have a taste for good wine.

Our latest white wine find, which I cannot say enough about, was recommended by a friend. It comes from Spain’s Rias Baixas wine region and was amazingly delicious.

The bottle of Val Do Sosego is an elegant citrus mineral medium bodied white wine made from the Albarino grape variety. These grapes are native to northwestern Spain where the cool, damp climate is ideal for making bright, zesty wines. The area is also known as “Green Spain” for its lushness.

The wine can be purchased through Total Wine, but you may want to check with your favorite local wine merchant to see if they have this specific wine or one from that region. When I went online to read more about this wine, the description from Wine Enthusiast said, “Tight citrus peel and peach aromas show a leesy side on the nose. This excellent rendition of Albarino feels round and juicy, but not sharp. Pleasing peach and melon flavors dry out and suggest white pepper on the finish.”

Mike and I truly enjoyed the clean, non-acidic taste of this wine. We broke the rules, we did not chill the wine and we enjoyed it with a lovely Saint Andre Brie Triple Cream cheese on the back patio. Life just can’t get better than that.

The complete name of the wine is Val Do Sosego Albarino Rias Baixa, 2016, costing just under $15. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!