It’s hard to believe that the Memorial Day weekend is upon us. Where have the first five months of the year gone? It seems (as I get older), time passes faster and faster. I guess it waits for no one. I have learned that making and taking time for the simplest of pleasures is important for my wellbeing.

To me, something as simple as enjoying my morning coffee with Mike is important. That’s our time, whether we are sitting on the back porch or curled up on the sofa, to catch up with each other. We also love to cook together and to explore the world of wine. Yes, wine is best when you pair it with food, but there’s nothing to say you can’t grab a couple of wine glasses, pull out some cheese and crackers, and savor a chilled glass of white on your back porch. We do it all the time. We love sharing our time together because to us… it’s our simple pleasure.

Exploring the world of wine involves the good and the bad. But you never know until you try… and with summer just weeks away, I wanted to share with you some of the wines Mike and I are calling our favorites these days.

Currently on our white list:

A 2017 Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. We found this at Trader Joe’s and have been buying it for several months. The wine is reasonably priced at right under $8. It’s an enjoyable wine that is crisp and clean, with tastes of grapefruit and gooseberry.

This wine comes from a region called Marlborough, which is situated on the northeastern tip of the South Island. This area is home to over 500 growers producing three-quarters of all New Zealand wine. The white wines are pungent and zesty.

My next favorite is a Chardonnay called Butter. It comes from Napa Valley, California. It has aromas of apple pie and is rich, smooth, and creamy, just like butter. This wine is available at Trader Joe’s for right under $14. It has become a favorite of mine…since my friend, Robyn, first introduced me to it. This wine you can drink room temperature or chilled.

As a side note to the wines from Napa Valley… many of the wineries have deep roots as pioneer vineyards.

Currently on our red list:

Pessimist, which is an extraordinary red blend. This wine comes from Paso Robles, California, and according to its label “a pessimist is never disappointed.” It is a blend of Syrah, Petite Sirah, Zinfandel, Tannat and is very fruit forward. It is available at Total Wine for under $17. We recently served this wine with grilled New York Strip steaks and the wine did not disappoint. It’s a must try!

FYI… Paso Robles is home to over 200 wineries producing world-class wine.

I hope you have the opportunity to try some of the wines we love these days. With today being National Wine Day, it seemed only appropriate to talk wine! Happy Sipping!

As always…enjoy!