Last May we travelled to Cabo San Lucas. It was perfect in so many ways: the location stunning, the people friendly, the culture beautiful, and the food and drink magnificent. It was here that I enjoyed my first Mojito. Yes, you heard me…my first. I fell in love with this smooth, easy to drink (maybe too easy), minty wonder from the first sip, making it this week’s Friday Cheers drink of choice and a perfect beverage as we move into the summer months.

Mojitos are traditionally a Cuban drink because of the rum, while the Mexican version uses tequila. Both are delicious, but my alcohol choice is rum as it is less likely to get me in trouble. Since our return from Cabo, Mike has perfected his version of this wonderful drink that is both tart and sweet. His mojito consists of five simple ingredients: mint leaves, freshly squeezed lime juice, simple syrup, a good quality rum, and club soda.

This is what you will need:

  • 6 – 8 mint leaves*
  • 1-ounce simple syrup*
  • 1 ½-ounces of freshly squeezed lime juice (to personal taste)
  • 2 -ounces high quality rum*
  • 6 – 8 ounces of club soda*


  1. In a shaker, place 6 mint leaves into the bottom, add in the ounce of simple syrup, and the ounce and a half of freshly squeezed lime juice. Using a muddler, press the mint with other ingredients until fragrant.
  2. Pour the above mixture into a high ball glass, add approximately 6 ice cubes, and then fill the remainder of the glass with 6 – 8 ounces of club soda. Top with a small sprig of mint. Add a straw and enjoy!


– Typically for mojitos you use a white rum, but our rum of choice is a dark rum called Plantation Barbados Rum, aged 5 years. It has a wonderful flavor and it gives Mike’s version of the mojito a slightly different twist.

– Last year when we returned from Cabo, I went to a nursery bought a mint plant and planted it in a large pot. I figured it would be easier having fresh mint on hand than having to go to the grocery store every time we made mojitos. Mint is not only easy to grow, but this herb grows rapidly and comes back every year. I did not plant the mint in my garden because it is quite invasive.

– In the past we have made our own simple syrup, which is just a mixture of sugar and water, but my brand of choice is Barsmith Simple Syrup, Pure Cane which makes for a great mojito and can be used in other cocktails.

Mike also insists we buy club soda in glass bottles rather than cans as glass is less likely to affect the flavor of your drink.

I hope you enjoy this classic drink…it may take a few extra minutes to make but its refreshing and delicious taste will have you coming back for more.

Hope you enjoy…cheers!