Who would have thought a tablespoon of unsalted grass-fed butter whipped into your coffee would make one smooth tasting cup? Well, it does!

Our friend Jonathan, who visits often, introduced Mike and I to coffee with butter… it was quite the experience and one we continue to savor. The butter is a nice replacement to the Half & Half we use in our coffee, but something we reserve for those occasional weekend treats. Adding the butter made the coffee creamy and quite an indulgence. I did some research and found that coffee blended with butter and coconut oil is what they call Bulletproof Coffee, a brand of coffee created in 2010 that is supposed to boost energy levels. It is even supposed to be a substitute for breakfast! Pray tell!! Who would even consider not eating the most important meal of the day? Anyway, I have yet to add the coconut oil as we simply enjoy the taste of the added butter.

We share the same love for coffee as we do wine. You could almost say we are to the point of being coffee snobs. We buy freshly roasted beans on a weekly basis at our local coffee shop. Charles Benbow, the proprietor of The Coffeehouse, roasts 18 varieties of coffee, which gives us and other coffee lovers a wide variety to choose from. We purchase at least a pound a week if not more. We love exploring the smell and taste of coffee. Our favorites these days include Sumatra, Columbian, Guatemalan, Papua New Guinea, Kenyan, and Italian Roast to name just a few. In order to enjoy our coffee to the fullest, we have invested in a fabulous drip coffee maker called Technivorm Moccamaster through Williams Sonoma… it’s a bit expensive but well worth it. And since we grind our beans each and every morning, we use a Baratza Virtuoso Burr Coffee Grinder, again a purchase you can make at Williams Sonoma. A burr style grinder allows us the ability to control the size of the grind, which comes into play when grinding beans for French Press or Expresso.

Anyway, here’s the recipe to make your new indulgence… butter coffee.

  • 1 cup coffee
  • 1 tbsp. grass-fed unsalted butter

Brew a pot of your favorite coffee. In a blender combine coffee and butter at the ratio of 1 cup coffee to 1 tablespoon butter and blend for 30 seconds until it becomes frothy. My choice of butter is Vital Farms Alfresco Butter, which I purchase through The Fresh Market. It is grass-fed, small batch butter with 85% butterfat. Then enjoy the smooth taste of your coffee, as it’s good to the last drop.