Besides wine…my other favorite beverage is the iconic Martini.  It wasn’t always a favorite…it was a drink I learned to enjoy. Mind you, there are many varieties and brands of gin and vodka and for me it took finding the right brand to make it irresistible. Welcome to a twist on today’s Friday Cheers…the Martini.

In reading up on Martinis, I learned that over the years, the Martini has become one of the best-known cocktails in the world. Perhaps we should thank James Bond and his famous line “shaken not stirred” for its popularity.

Traditionally, it’s made using gin and vermouth, but vodka martinis are on the rise and are the new chic cocktail to order or make. There are three types of martinis: dry, perfect, and wet. A wet martini refers to your classic martini…meaning there is an equal ratio of gin and dry vermouth. A dry martini has very little vermouth so the gin is the primary focus.  And the perfect martini is using equal parts of gin, rosso vermouth and dry vermouth

You can either stir or shake a martini. In a guide to shaking and stirring cocktails put out by Cocktail Crate, “stirring creates a velvety smooth texture with less chilling and dilution than shaking.” While “shaking creates refreshing, effervescent cocktails with high levels of chilling and dilution.” Whether you ask for a martini that is stirred or shaken both add water which in the end is a good thing as water helps smooth out the rough edges of straight liquor.

Mike makes my martini using Uncle Val’s Botanical Gin and vermouth infused olives called Tipsy Pimento Olives. He pours 3 ounces of gin and a dash of the liquid from the olive container into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. He shakes the martini for about 10 – 15 seconds and then strains it into a martini glass garnished with two olives.  My martini which is dry and shaken is beyond refreshing. I guess you can say…I like my martini shaken not stirred!

Hope you enjoy…cheers!