Welcome to Friday Cheers! To start off today’s wine pairing I chose a Pinot Noir.  Why a Pinot, because it’s such a versatile wine that goes with just about anything. Its high acidity and low tannin content makes it the perfect wine to enjoy with a variety of appetizers and will move well into your main course.  Whether you are serving fish, poultry, vension, pork, or even a beef stew dish, this wine works.

Chalk Hill has become one of my personal favorites since I was introduced to it back in December of 2021. It’s easy on the palate…fruit-forward with a velvety texture. The aroma or bouquet, lovely. The grapes for the Chalk Hill Pinot Noir are grown in the Sonoma region of California. According to the bottle, this wine in particular exhibits fresh fruit aromatics and soft lush flavors.

Here’s a little history…the Pinot Noir grapes grow in a pine-shaped clusters and are both light red and translucent because of the water retained by the grape while on the vine. The Pinot Noirs flavor profile varies according to its place of origin and growing conditions. You can describe this wine as fruity, earthy, and spicy.

Some of the things I have learned about serving a Pinot Noir: it is best served slightly chilled, do not decant this wine, drink Pinot Noirs within a day of opening the bottle, and Pinot Noir can be aged for up to eight years. I guess that means we are going to have to check our stock.

I purchased this bottle of Chalk Hill at our local Harris Teeter grocery store for $20.It is also available through Publix, Total Wine & More and through wine.com.

Hope you enjoy…cheers!