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Hi, hello, and welcome to my little space where I love to share about my passions: food, wine, entertaining, and the home. I’m Roma, the woman behind Wine and What, a passion project that was thought of nearly a decade ago.

While it took a while to get it up and running and a whole lot of tech-y learning, here we are. In this space I share with you family recipes that have been passed down, random recipes I have loved, and our favorite wines and drinks.

My family is most important to me and brings me so much joy. My husband, Mike, and I just celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary… we are quite the team. We love our morning coffee and wine on the patio. We enjoy cooking together and making each other laugh until it hurts.We have two grown daughters, one in San Francisco and the other in Richmond. Both have started their own little families and have come to share in my passions. My family was my push to begin this blogging journey and the reason I continue it.

I hope you find joy in some of my favorites. From my kitchen (or home) to yours… bon appétit!

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