Here’s a great idea…lemon ice cubes! I love to put lemons in my water, but what I don’t love is having to squeeze them. If I have a slight cut on my finger, getting lemon juice into the wound stings.

It takes about eight small lemons to make one cup of lemon juice. Wash and cut each lemon in half. Using a lemon juicer (another great kitchen must have) squeeze each half into a measuring cup. Pour lemon juice into an ice cube tray. My ice cube tray is super cool. It’s an Oxo Softworks No-Spill Ice Cube Tray, which I picked up at Bed Bath & Beyond. It is made from a durable plastic with a silicone lid. The lid holds in the juice and prevents a nasty freezer taste. The trays rounded ice cube shape allows for easy release of the frozen lemon ice cubes. Gone are the days of the twisting ice trays! You can do this with limes or for that matter any fruit juice that you want to infuse your water with.  Love this idea!