Now for your smaller items you cannot live without when starting your kitchen. Again the items I list are the basic essentials. There are so many products out there that it is mind numbing. Buy as good a quality as you can. Take care of it and it will last.

You will need:

  • Knives -A set would be great, but in the beginning all you will need is a good paring knife, a large serrated knife for breads, a small serrated for tomatoes, and an 8″ chef’s knife. I use my chef’s knife for just about everything. *Note: when buying knives, make sure they feel good in your hand and the blade does not bend easily. Store knives in a Knife Block for safety and to ensure longevity. Knives should always be hand washed and NEVER put in the dishwasher
  • Cutting board – Two good quality boards will get you started (small and large). My favorite are made by Epicurean.
  • Colander – Use for rinsing fruits and vegetables or draining spaghetti.
  • Whisk(s) – I own quite a few in varying sizes, but they are fun to use and fun to display in a utensil holder.
  • Wooden spoon(s) – A definite must have, but you should never, ever put your wooden spoon(s) in the dishwasher. You will cause them to dry out and splinter. Wash by hand, using a scrubby, and every so often rub it down with mineral oil.
  • Spatula or silicone scraper – One or two, but a few more would not hurt. They come in beautiful colors and are heat resistant.  Good to use on those nonstick pans so you don’t scratch them.
  • Slotted turner – I have a number of these in all sizes from stainless steel to heavy duty nylon, but for now one will do for flipping your over easy egg or your pancakes
  • Tongs – A great tool especially when sautéing chicken in a pan or grilling steak.
  • Peeler – One will do, but a must especially when peeling fruits and vegetables from apples to potatoes and everything in between.
  • Grater – The box kind and the flat kind are nice to have when grating cheese, chocolate or the occasional onion.Can opener – I still use a handheld type…no need for electric in this house.Lemon juicer – For making less of a mess.
  • All-purpose thermometer – For making sure your dish is cooked to perfection.  For your information, there are four different types of thermometers for use in the kitchen: all-purpose, oven, meat, and candy.
  • Mixing bowls – I have the nesting kind with 10 different size bowls, but three good size bowls will work.

Hopefully, through all of these recommendations, you have set up your kitchen and you are ready to start cooking.